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Q: How about your company history?

A: our company original start from 2005 to supply components and accessory for led lighting company, then move to & only focus solar street lighting production since 2010, we have 10 years of solid business experience.

Q: What is your main product?

A: we used to manufacture various type of led outdoor light, but now we just focus on solar lighting, grid power light and some off-grid home system. 

Q: What is your core competence & flexibility?

A: we have stronger and experienced R & D, quality control, production and international sales team. Offer quick response and action to customer inquiry or characteristic requirement. Our product is module design, there is great flexibility to extend the specification to meet customer expectation.

Q: Are your manufacturer? how about your production capacity and delivery lead time?

A: yes, we have more than 3000squre electronic parts production, final assembly and testing workshop, and another 8000square meters for metal part diecast, powder coating, and mechanical process. We also keep minimum inventory for common parts, so our lead time, sample: 3 days, small batch: 1-week, bulk order: 2-4weeks. 

Q: How many years of warranty offered? How is lifespan of your product

A: all our product line offers 3 years of warranty base on terms and conditions, and lifespan is 6-8 years depends on working environment.

Q: Do you help installation, maintenance and commissioning?

A: we provide good technical support, training or even on-site commissioning upon customer request. Very good one stop turnkey solution & service.  

Q: Can you help on proposals, dialux simulation and other support on bidding project

A: yes, our application engineer will help provide this value-added service to our business partner.

Q: How many consecutive rainy or cloudy days support?

A: Aurora solar street light designated with eco-lit system, also consider enough backup power, won’t turn off light at any single day out of 365 per years.

Q: Do work voltage as 3.2V , 12V or 24V impact street Light ?

A: it is just about how battery in series and parallel , MPPT controller is compatible with wide range. 

Q: Any product certification?

A:CE, FCC, CQC, RoHS, SGS, ISO9001:2008 certifications.IP65 test, salt spray test, IK10, wind force 

Q: How to handle with the faulty?

A: Aurora is very proud to announce that we keep good track record less than 0.5 percent out of 1000pcs. It is extremely low defect rate. Our product was fool proof module designed by three parts, super easy to trace root cause and take replacement of parts. 

You just need to follow our instruction manual to verify the symptom, take a short video to record the testing procedure, then we can diagnose it remotely.

Q: Could customise setting of paramter and working mode?

A: Yes, usually all parameter will be pre-programmed according to customer requirement or follow our regular mode before delivery. If customer still need to adjust it at special situation, we also to offer remote controller and authorize professional technician to do that. 

Q: Are your solar street lights anti typhoon, hurricane? Are they anti corrosion?

A: Yes, our lamp was built with aviation grade aluminum, all products are designed to anti 160 mph winds.  All surface coating is anti-rusty treatment, most of lamp was installed at the seaside or island in good condition within lifespan.

Q: how could to customize product? What is information we must provide?

A: Yes, we accept customize in two ways.

1)Based on our existing model structure, but adjust product size and capacity, 

2)Design new only for your company, but you need to bear molding and relevant development cost (it could be refunded after reached agreed order qty or value).

Q: We also need your data

A: a)installation location (city, country), this is very important for us to collect sun radiation & temperature data from NASA, 

b)Working condition: how many hours need to work at night?

c)Expectation of the ground brightness 

d)Height of pole, distance, width of road 

e)Special requirement if there is.