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AURORA IoT Solar Light - Light up Jakarta Highways


Internet of Everything, Overseas government require Increase Internet function in public equipment more and more common, not only can see the real-time working status, at the same time easy to maintain.


in Indonesia, our company has been serving government bidding projects with partners since 2014,


from bidding, product configuration, sample testing to mass production. Our products are configured to meet the high-quality standards of the government official requirements;

3-year warranty, Conform SNI certification, Meets TKDN requirements


There are many projects that need to IOT (SMART CONTROL)

the Internet of things unifies all solar energy online management, maintenance, to achieve government smart street lights, smart city management concepts.


AURORA works with customers coordinate WITH government specifications, develop and customize exclusive products.


At the same time we help solve IoT problems caused by using other products。


They used the LORA solution, but they were unable to connect to the network. On top of that Other quality problems caused the lights to turn off. We consider many factors Use ZIGBEE solution to replaced Past plans and responsible for all repairs. Now still see our products on Jakarta highway operating smoothly.

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